Partner TeamPeruya is led by Benedikt Bingler, Sebastian Borek and Daniel Höpfner who first came together through their shared experience in crypto asset investment, web3 research and company building. 

Our goal is to provide optimized access to the new and highly liquid asset class of crypto tokens and navigate the market cycles and volatile landscape.

Our approach is grounded in evidence, not blind speculation.
Dedicated to leading the Blockchain Investment SpaceFounding Partners
imageBenedikt BinglerFounding Partner & Managing DirectorBenedikt is a passionate computer scientist, entrepreneur and seasoned digital asset investor who has spent over two decades building and growing technology
imageSebastian BorekFounding Partner & Managing DirectorSebastian is an outstanding bridge builder, tech investor, and entrepreneur with strong ties to the German Mittelstand who previously founded and hosted one of the largest German tech
imageDaniel HöpfnerFounding Partner & Managing DirectorDaniel is a seasoned entrepreneur who turned investor as a founding partner of b10, a Berlin-based early-stage VC firm focusing on deep tech. He's hosting a popular German crypto